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Song Lyric[Source Site]
C & O Canal[Tom Gray's Bluegrass Songbook]
C Sections And Railway Trestles[AZLyrics]
C'est la Vie[Lyrics.com]
Cabin Creek[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cabin Home On The Hill[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Cabin Home On The Hill[BluegrassNet]
Cabin home on the hill[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Cabin Home On The Hill[OldieLyrics.com]
Cabin home on the hill[ST Lyrics]
Cabin In Caroline[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Cabin In Caroline[BluegrassNet]
Cabin in Caroline[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Cabin in Caroline[Radford University Lyrics to Traditional and Bluegrass Songs]
Cabin in caroline[ST Lyrics]
Cabin Of Love[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Cabin Of Love[BluegrassNet]
Cabin Of Love[Blackstock Bluegrass]
Cabin Of Love[Classic Country Lyrics]
Cabin of Love[Lyrics.com]
Cabin of love[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Cabin Of Love[OldieLyrics.com]
Cabin of Love[SongLyrics]
Cabin of love[ST Lyrics]
Cabin On A Mountain[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Cabin On The Hill[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Cabin On The Hill[BluegrassNet]
Cabin On The Hill[Classic Country Lyrics]
Cabin on the Hill[Lyrics.com]
Cabin on the hill[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Cabin On The Hill[OldieLyrics.com]
Cabin on the hill[ST Lyrics]
Cacklin' Hen - Fiddlin' John Carson[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cacklin' Hen - Version 2[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cacklin' Hen - Version 3[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cacklin' Hen - Version 4 Lunsford[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cain and Abel - Spiritual (Different Versions)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cajun Born[Lyrics.com]
Cajun Moon[AZLyrics]
[New!] Cajun Moon[Classic Country Lyrics]
Cajun Moon[Lyrics.com]
Caleb Meyer[Lyrics.com]
Calico[Bluegrass Messengers]
California Autumn[BluegrassNet]
California Bloodlines[BluegrassNet]
California Blues[BluegrassLyrics.com]
California Blues[BluegrassNet]
California blues[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
California Cotton[Lyrics.com]
California Cotton Fields[BluegrassLyrics.com]
California Cotton Fields[BluegrassNet]
California Cotton Fields[Classic Country Lyrics]
California cotton fields[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
California Cottonfields[Lyrics.az]
California Cottonfields[Lyrics.com]
California Earthquake[Lyrics.com]
California Sober[Lyrics.com]
Call Him by His Name - Spiritual - Lucille Barbee[Bluegrass Messengers]
Call Me[Lyrics.com]
Call Me Long Gone[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Call Me Up (and I'll Come Calling on You)[Tom Gray's Bluegrass Songbook]
Call on Me - Gospel song - Pilgrim Travelers 1949[Bluegrass Messengers]
Call The Captain[Lyrics.az]
Callahan - Version 1[Bluegrass Messengers]
Callahan - Version 2[Bluegrass Messengers]
Called Out[Joan Babcock's Lyrics to Some Great Old Songs]
Called to Foreign Fields - Sarah Gunning 1974[Bluegrass Messengers]
Callin' Baton Rouge[Lyrics.com]
Callin' Caroline[Lyrics.az]
Calling Dr. Love[SongLyrics]
Calling From Heaven[Classic Country Lyrics]
Calling from Heaven[Lyrics.com]
Calling From Heaven[OldieLyrics.com]
Calling Jesus - Christ Memorial Singers 1963[Bluegrass Messengers]
Calling My Children Home[Lyrics.com]
Calling The Prodigal - Charles Gabriel 1889[Bluegrass Messengers]
Calling Thee - Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Lacy 1925[Bluegrass Messengers]
Calling You[Joan Babcock's Lyrics to Some Great Old Songs]
Calling You[Lyrics.com]
Callin' Your Name[AZLyrics]
Calling Your Name[BluegrassNet]
[New!] Calling Your Name[Classic Country Lyrics]
Callin' Your Name[Lyrics.com]
Calling your name[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
The Calm And The Crying Wind[AZLyrics]
The Calm and the Crying Wind[Lyrics.com]
Calm The Storm[BluegrassNet]
Calm The Storm[Classic Country Lyrics]
Calm the storm[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Calvary - Dock Boggs 1968[Bluegrass Messengers]
Calvary - Dunham County Jubilee Singers 1927[Bluegrass Messengers]
Calvary - Sacred Harp (Two Version)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Calvary - Spiritual - John Work; Modern versions[Bluegrass Messengers]
Camp A Little While in the Wilderness - Cas Wallin[Bluegrass Messengers]
Camp Meeting Jubilee - Little Wonder Records 1916[Bluegrass Messengers]
Camp Meeting Tonight on the Camp Ground[Bluegrass Messengers]
Campbells Are Coming, The - Version 1[Bluegrass Messengers]
Campbells Are Coming, The - Version 2[Bluegrass Messengers]
Campin' In Canaan Land[OldieLyrics.com]
Camping In Canaan's Land[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Camping In Canaan's Land[BluegrassNet]
Camping in Canaan's land[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Camping in canaan's land[ST Lyrics]
Camptown Races[Lyrics.com]
Camptown Races, De - Original Foster Lyrics[Bluegrass Messengers]
Camptown Races, De - Verison 2[Bluegrass Messengers]
Can He, Could He, Would He[Joan Babcock's Lyrics to Some Great Old Songs]
Can I Count On You? - Spiritual 1957[Bluegrass Messengers]
Can The Circle be Unbroken?[Bluegrass West!]
Can the Circle Be Unbroken[Lyrics.com]
Can the Circle Be Unbroken?[Lyrics.com]
Can The Circle Be Unbroken[OldieLyrics.com]
Can The Circle Be Unbroken[Traditional Bluegrass Music - Carter Family Songs]
Can The Circle Be Unbroken (Bye And Bye)[AZLyrics]
Can the Circle Be Unbroken (Bye and Bye)[Lyrics.com]
Can The Circle Be Unbroken? Carter Family[Bluegrass Messengers]
Can The World See Jesus in You? Leila Morris 1917[Bluegrass Messengers]
Can You Fool[Lyrics.com]
Can You Forgive[BluegrassNet]
Can You Forgive[Classic Country Lyrics]
Can you forgive[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Can You Hear Me Now[Lyrics.az]
Can You Hear Me Now[Lyrics.com]
Can You Hear Me Now (Retro 1938)[Lyrics.az]
Can You Hear Me Now (Retro 1938)[Lyrics.az]
Can You Run[AZLyrics]
Can You Run[Lyrics.az]
Can You Run[Lyrics.com]
Can You Run[ST Lyrics]
[New!] Can You See Me, Sister?[Tim O'Brien]
Can You Tell - Starlight Spiritual Singers 1951[Bluegrass Messengers]
Can't Complain[AZLyrics]
Can't Complain[Lyrics.com]
Can't Control The Wind[AZLyrics]
[New!] Can't Control The Wind[Classic Country Lyrics]
Can't Control the Wind[Lyrics.com]
Can't Cross Jordan - Brown Collection 1922[Bluegrass Messengers]
Can't Do Without the Lord - Spiritual[Bluegrass Messengers]
Can't Do Wrong and Get By - Jackson Gospel Singers[Bluegrass Messengers]
Can't Feel At Home[AZLyrics]
Can't Feel At Home - Carter Family 1931[Bluegrass Messengers]
Can't Feel at Home - Marie Knight 1956[Bluegrass Messengers]
Can't Feel At Home in This World Anymore[Bluegrass West!]
Can't Feel At Home In This World Anymore[OldieLyrics.com]
Can't Find My Way Home[Lyrics.com]
Can't Find the Words[Lyrics.com]
Can't Go Home[BluegrassNet]
Can't Hear Nobody Pray - W.P. Detherow 1952[Bluegrass Messengers]
Can't Hide Sinner - Spiritualaires of Columbia, S.C[Bluegrass Messengers]
Can't Hurt Anymore[Lyrics.com]
Can't Let Go[AZLyrics]
Can't Let Go[Lyrics.com]
Can't Make Time[AZLyrics]
Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus - Spiritual[Bluegrass Messengers]
Can't Nobody Hide From God - Blind Willie Johnson[Bluegrass Messengers]
Can't Put The Bridle On That Mule - Julius Daniels[Bluegrass Messengers]
Can't Say Goodbye[Classic Country Lyrics]
Can't Shake Jesus[AZLyrics]
Can't Stay Here Anymore[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Can't Stay Here Anymore[BluegrassNet]
Can't stay here anymore[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Can't Trust the Weatherman[Lyrics.com]
Can't Ye Hilo?[Bluegrass Messengers]
Can't You Hear Me Calling[AZLyrics]
Can't You Hear Me Calling[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Can't You Hear Me Calling[BluegrassNet]
[New!] Can't You Hear Me Calling[Classic Country Lyrics]
Can't You Hear Me Calling[Classic Country Lyrics]
Can't You Hear Me Calling[Harajuku Jam Bluegrass Song Book]
Can't You Hear Me Callin'[Lyrics.com]
Can't You Hear Me Calling[Lyrics.com]
Can't You Hear Me Calling?[Lyrics.com]
Can't you hear me calling[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Can't You Hear Me Callin'[OldieLyrics.com]
Can't You Hear Me Callin[SongLyrics]
Can't You Hear Me Callin'[SongLyrics]
Can't You Hear Me Callin'[SongLyrics]
Can't You Hear Me Callin'[SongLyrics]
Can't You Hear Me Callin'[SongLyrics]
Can't You Hear Me Callin'[SongLyrics]
Can't You Hear Me Callin'[SongLyrics]
Can't You Hear Me Calling[SongLyrics]
Can't You Hear Me Calling[SongLyrics]
Can't you hear me callin'[ST Lyrics]
Can't you hear me calling[ST Lyrics]
Can't You Hear the Blessed Saviour Calling You?[Lyrics.com]
Can't You Hear Them Wolves A-Howling?[Bluegrass Messengers]
Can't You Live Humble? - Spiritual - Work 1907[Bluegrass Messengers]
Canaan - Hymn "Bound For the Land of Canaan"[Bluegrass Messengers]
Canaan Land - Spiritual - Gospel Songbirds[Bluegrass Messengers]
Canaan's Happy Shore - Revival Hymn 1860[Bluegrass Messengers]
Canaan's Land - Golden "Where The Soul Never Dies"[Bluegrass Messengers]
Canaan's Land - Shaped note "Oh for a Breeze"[Bluegrass Messengers]
Canadian Railroad Trilogy[BluegrassNet]
[New!] Canadian Women Canadian Clubs[Classic Country Lyrics]
Candy Gal - Vera Hall[Bluegrass Messengers]
[New!] Candy In The Window[Classic Country Lyrics]
Candy Kisses[Lyrics.com]
Caney Creek to Canaan Land[SongLyrics]
Caney Fork River[Lyrics.az]
Cannon Ball Blues[Bluegrass West!]
Cannon Ball Blues[Traditional Bluegrass Music - Carter Family Songs]
The Cannonball[AZLyrics]
The Cannonball[BluegrassLyrics.com]
The Cannonball (Cannonball Blues)[OldieLyrics.com]
Cannonball Blues[AZLyrics]
Cannonball Blues[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Cannonball Blues[Classic Country Lyrics]
Cannonball Blues (Solid Gone)[BluegrassNet]
Captain Jinks[Bluegrass Messengers]
The Captain's Daughter[Lyrics.com]
Careless Love[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Careless Love[BluegrassNet]
Careless Love[Harajuku Jam Bluegrass Song Book]
Careless Love[Lyrics.com]
Careless love[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Careless Love[OldieLyrics.com]
Careless Love[SongLyrics]
Careless Love[ST Lyrics]
Careless Love[The ToneWay Song Collection]
Careless Love (Bring My Baby Back)[Lyrics.com]
Careless Love - Version 1 Handy 1892[Bluegrass Messengers]
Careless Love - Version 10 Flatt & Scruggs[Bluegrass Messengers]
Careless Love - Version 11 Dock Boggs[Bluegrass Messengers]
Careless Love - Version 12 Lonnie Johnson[Bluegrass Messengers]
Careless Love - Version 13 Jean Ritchie[Bluegrass Messengers]
Careless Love - Version 14 Richard Matteson[Bluegrass Messengers]
Careless Love - Version 2 Perrow 1909[Bluegrass Messengers]
Careless Love - Version 3 "Kelly's Love" 1911[Bluegrass Messengers]
Careless Love - Version 4 Handy 1921 Loveless Love[Bluegrass Messengers]
Careless Love - Version 6 Handy (1925 Folk)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Careless Love - Version 7 Riley Puckett[Bluegrass Messengers]
Careless Love - Version 8 Byrd Moore[Bluegrass Messengers]
Careless Love - Version 9 Joel Mapus[Bluegrass Messengers]
Careless Love Version 5 Holiday (Loveless Love)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Careless Soul - James H. Stanley 1909[Bluegrass Messengers]
Carolina Home[Blackstock Bluegrass]
Carolina In My Mind[BluegrassNet]
Carolina In The Pines[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Carolina in the Pines[Lyrics.az]
Carolina in the Pines[Lyrics.com]
Carolina in the Pines[SongLyrics]
Carolina in the Pines[SongMeanings]
Carolina in the Pines[SongMeanings]
Carolina Morning[BluegrassNet]
Carolina Morning[Classic Country Lyrics]
Carolina Mountain Home[AZLyrics]
[New!] Carolina Mountain Home[Classic Country Lyrics]
Carolina Pines[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Carolina Star[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Carolina Star[Classic Country Lyrics]
Carolina Star[Lyrics.com]
Carolina Sunshine Girl[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Carolina Sunshine Girl[OldieLyrics.com]
Carolina sunshine girl[ST Lyrics]
Carolyn At The Broken Wheel Inn[BluegrassNet]
Carolyn at the Broken Wheel Inn[Classic Country Lyrics]
Carolyn at the Broken Wheel Inn[Lyrics.com]
Carolyn at the broken wheel inn[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Carolyn The Teenage Queen[Blackstock Bluegrass]
Carolyn The Teenage Queen[Classic Country Lyrics]
Carolyn the Teenage Queen[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Carrie Brown[Lyrics.com]
Carry Me - Spiritual - Ensley Jubilee Singers[Bluegrass Messengers]
Carry Me Across The Mountain[BluegrassNet]
Carry Me Across The Mountain[Blackstock Bluegrass]
Carry Me Across The Mountain[Classic Country Lyrics]
Carry Me Across the Mountain[Lyrics.com]
Carry Me Away[AZLyrics]
Carry Me Back[AZLyrics]
Carry Me Back To The Bluegrass[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Carry Me Back To The Bluegrass[BluegrassNet]
Carry me back to the bluegrass[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Carry Me Back To The Mountains[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Carry Me Back To The Mountains[BluegrassNet]
Carry Me Back To The Mountains[Classic Country Lyrics]
Carry me back to the mountains[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Carry Me Back to Virginia[Lyrics.com]
Carry Me Down To The Burying Ground - 1952[Bluegrass Messengers]
Carry Me, Good Lord - Spiritual - Lomax[Bluegrass Messengers]
Carry Me Home - Shape Note - Jackson "Penick"[Bluegrass Messengers]
Carry Me Safely Home - Spiritual - Tartt Collection[Bluegrass Messengers]
Carry Me To The Burying Ground - Spiritual 1859[Bluegrass Messengers]
Carry Your Cross With A Smile - Ogdon 1916[Bluegrass Messengers]
[New!] The Carter Boys[Classic Country Lyrics]
The Carter Family And Jimmie Rodgers In Texas[AZLyrics]
Carter's Blues[AZLyrics]
Carter's Blues[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Carter's Blues[Traditional Bluegrass Music - Carter Family Songs]
Carters Blues[Bluegrass West!]
Carters' Blues (Carter's Blues)[OldieLyrics.com]
Carve That Possum - Version 1 Original Lyrics Lucas[Bluegrass Messengers]
Carve That Possum - Version 2 Uncle Dave Macon[Bluegrass Messengers]
Carve That Possum - Version 3 Talley[Bluegrass Messengers]
Carve That Possum - Version 4 Thede[Bluegrass Messengers]
Carve That Possum - Version 5 Odum[Bluegrass Messengers]
A Case of You[Lyrics.com]
Casey Jones[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Casey Jones[BluegrassNet]
Casey Jones[Lyrics.com]
Casey Jones[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Casey Jones - Gordon Collection; Version 13[Bluegrass Messengers]
Casey Jones - Version 1 Original Saunders Lyrics[Bluegrass Messengers]
Casey Jones - Version 10 Jesse James 1936[Bluegrass Messengers]
Casey Jones - Version 11 African-American version[Bluegrass Messengers]
Casey Jones - Version 12 Perrow 1905[Bluegrass Messengers]
Casey Jones - Version 2 "Official" Copywrited[Bluegrass Messengers]
Casey Jones - Version 3 Mississippi John Hurt[Bluegrass Messengers]
Casey Jones - Version 4 Hank Snow[Bluegrass Messengers]
Casey Jones - Version 5 Grateful Dead[Bluegrass Messengers]
Casey Jones - Version 6 Skillet Lickers[Bluegrass Messengers]
Casey Jones - Version 7 Biographies[Bluegrass Messengers]
Casey Jones - Version 8 Burl Ives[Bluegrass Messengers]
Casey Jones - Version 9 Part 1 & 2 - Furry Lewis[Bluegrass Messengers]
Casey's Last Ride[BluegrassNet]
Casey's Last Ride[Lyrics.com]
Cash on the Barrel Head[Lyrics.com]
Cash On The Barrelhead[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Cash On The Barrelhead[BluegrassNet]
Cash on the Barrelhead[Lyrics.com]
Cash on the barrelhead[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Cast Thy Bread upon the Water - Red Sovine 1978[Bluegrass Messengers]
[New!] Casting My Shadow In The Road[Classic Country Lyrics]
The Cat Came Back[Barb Diederich's Bluegrass Lyrics Database]
The cat came back[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
And The Cat Came Back - Doc Roberts[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cat Came Back - Version 1 Original Lyrics[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cat Came Back, The - Version 1 Original Lyrics[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cat Came Back, The - Version 2[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cat Came Back, The - Version 3[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cat Came Back, The - Version 4[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cat Came Back, The - Version 5 New Christy Minstrel[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cat Came Back, The - Version 6[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cat Came Back, The - Version 7 Agnes Burton[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cat Scratch Fever[SongLyrics]
Cat's Got The Measles - Version 1 Walter Smith[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cat's Got The Measles - Version 2 Cousin Emmy[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cat's In The Cradle[AZLyrics]
Cat's in the Cradle[Lyrics.com]
Catch The Wind[OldieLyrics.com]
Catch the wind[ST Lyrics]
Catfish John[Alex Allan's Grateful Dead Song and Lyric Finder]
Catfish John[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Catfish John[BluegrassNet]
Catfish John[Blackstock Bluegrass]
[New!] Catfish John[Classic Country Lyrics]
Catfish John[Lyrics.com]
Catfish John[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Catfish, The (See: Banjo Sam - Version 2)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cathedral Eyes[AZLyrics]
Caught In The Crossfire[AZLyrics]
Caught in the Crossfire[Lyrics.com]
Cavan Girl[BluegrassNet]
Cave Love Has Gained the Day - Harrell[Bluegrass Messengers]
CC Rider[AZLyrics]
CC Rider[Lyrics.com]
Central Hillside Blues[Lyrics.com]
Certainly Lord - Spiritual[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chain Gang[Lyrics.com]
Chaing Gang[Lyrics.com]
Chains[Joan Babcock's Lyrics to Some Great Old Songs]
Chalk Up Another One[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Chalk Up Another One[BluegrassNet]
Chalk Up Another One[Classic Country Lyrics]
Chalk up Another One[Lyrics.com]
Chalk up another one[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Chalkboard Of My Heart[BluegrassNet]
Change In Me[Joan Babcock's Lyrics to Some Great Old Songs]
Changed Mah Name - Spiritual - Jennifer Bynum[Bluegrass Messengers]
Changing Of The Seasons[Joan Babcock's Lyrics to Some Great Old Songs]
Changing Partners[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Changing Partners[Lyrics.com]
Changing Partners[OldieLyrics.com]
Changing Partners[SongLyrics]
Changing Partners[ST Lyrics]
Chant Of The Wanderer[AZLyrics]
Chant of the Wanderer[Lyrics.com]
The Chapel in the Hills[Tom Gray's Bluegrass Songbook]
Charge To Keep I Have - W.P. Detherow 1952[Bluegrass Messengers]
A Charge To Keep I Have - Wesley & Mason[Bluegrass Messengers]
The Charladies' Ball[BluegrassNet]
Charles Guiteau[The ToneWay Song Collection]
Charles Guiteau - Version 1 Kelly Harrell[Bluegrass Messengers]
Charles Guiteau - Version 2[Bluegrass Messengers]
Charles Guiteau - Version 3 Biography[Bluegrass Messengers]
Charles Guiteau - Version 4[Bluegrass Messengers]
Charleston Gals (Fiddle lyrics) Version 2[Bluegrass Messengers]
Charleston Gals (Minstrel Lyrics)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Charleston Gals - Version 3 (printed 1867)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Charleston Town[Bluegrass Messengers]
Charley Is A Good Ol' Man[Bluegrass Messengers]
Charlie & Johnny Reb[AZLyrics]
Charlie And Nellie[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Charlie and Nellie[Bluegrass West!]
Charlie And Nellie[OldieLyrics.com]
Charlie & Nellie[Traditional Bluegrass Music - Carter Family Songs]
Charlie Brooks and Nellie Adair[The ToneWay Song Collection]
Charlie's Sweet - Version 1 Cecil Sharp[Bluegrass Messengers]
Charlotte Town is Burning - Version 2[Bluegrass Messengers]
Charlotte Town Is Burning Down - Version 1[Bluegrass Messengers]
Charlotte Town Is Burning Down - Version 3[Bluegrass Messengers]
Charlottetown/Charleston Fires[Bluegrass Messengers]
Charmin Betsy[BluegrassNet]
Charming Beauty Bright[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Charming Beauty Bright[Traditional Bluegrass Music - Carter Family Songs]
Charmin' Betsy[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Charmin' Betsy[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Charming Betsy - Version 1 Fiddlin John Carson 1925[Bluegrass Messengers]
Charming Betsy - Version 2 Brown Collection[Bluegrass Messengers]
Charming Betsy - Version 3 Jim Jackson[Bluegrass Messengers]
Charming Betsy - Version 4 Voices Dust Bowl[Bluegrass Messengers]
Charming Betsy - Version 5 Limeliters[Bluegrass Messengers]
Charming Betsy - Version 6 Land Norris (banjo)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Charming Betsy - Version 7 Henry Thomas 1929[Bluegrass Messengers]
Charming Betsy - Version 8 Georgia Organ Grinders[Bluegrass Messengers]
Charming Molly[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chase the Buffalo[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chase the Squirrel[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chased Old Satan Through The Door[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chasing After the Wind[Blue Highway Song Lyrics]
Chasing Someone Else's Dreams[Lyrics.az]
Chattanooga Dog[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Chattanooga Dog[BluegrassNet]
[New!] Chattanooga Dog[Classic Country Lyrics]
Chattanooga Dog[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Chattanooga Dog (2)[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Chattanooga Sugar Babe - Version 1 Blake[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chattanooga Sugar Babe - Version 2 Cash[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chatter With the Angels - Spiritual - John Work[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cheap Love Affair[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Cheap Love Affair[BluegrassNet]
Cheap Love Affair[Classic Country Lyrics]
Cheap Love Affair[Lyrics.com]
Cheap love affair[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Cheap Love Affair[OldieLyrics.com]
Cheap Love Affair[SongLyrics]
Cheap Love Affair[ST Lyrics]
Cheap love affair[ST Lyrics]
Cheatin' Is[Lyrics.com]
Cheatin' Kind Of Life[AZLyrics]
Check Out Time[Lyrics.az]
Cheer the Weary Traveler - Heavenly Gospel Singers[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cheer the Weary Traveler - Spiritual - Bryant[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cheer Up[Lyrics.com]
Chelsea Hotel No. 2[BluegrassNet]
Cherokee Hymn - Brown Collection[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cherokee Shuffle[BluegrassNet]
Cherokee Tresses Laced In Blue[BluegrassNet]
Cherry Tree Carol[Lyrics.com]
Cherry Tree Carol - Traditional Folk Ballad[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chewing Gum[AZLyrics]
Chewing Gum[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Chewing Gum[BluegrassNet]
Chewing Gum[Bluegrass West!]
Chewing Gum[Lyrics.com]
Chewing gum[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Chewing Gum[OldieLyrics.com]
Chewing Gum[Traditional Bluegrass Music - Carter Family Songs]
Chicken[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chicken (2) "C-H-I-C-K-E-N" McGee Brothers 1927[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chicken (2) "Chicken" Kallick; Version 3[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chicken (2) "Ragtime Chicken Joe" - Roberts[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chicken (2) C-H-I-C-K-E-N Mississippi John Hurt[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chicken (2) C-H-I-C-K-E-N Wellington[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chicken (2) Dat's De Way To Spell Chicken 1902[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chicken Don't Roost Too High - Version 1 Perrow[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chicken Don't Roost Too High - Version 2 McClungs[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chicken Don't Roost Too High - Version 3 Fred Lyon[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chicken Don't Roost Too High - Version 4 Odum[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chicken Don't Roost Too High - Version 5 Collins[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chicken Don't Roost Too High - Version 6 Stokes[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chicken in the Barnyard[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chicken in the Bread Tray[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chicken Reel[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chico Calling[Lyrics.com]
Child of Mine[Lyrics.com]
Child of the Great Depression[Musixmatch]
Child of the Great Depression[SongLyrics]
Child of the King - Buell & Sumner 1877[Bluegrass Messengers]
Child Of The Mississippi[AZLyrics]
Child of the Mississippi[Lyrics.com]
Child's Desire - Bela Lam and his Singers 1927[Bluegrass Messengers]
Child's Song[BluegrassNet]
Childish Love[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Childish Love[Classic Country Lyrics]
Childish Love[Lyrics.com]
The Children Are Crying[BluegrassLyrics.com]
The Children Are Crying[Classic Country Lyrics]
The children are crying[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Children Are Crying And Calling Your Name[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Children, Did You Hear When Jesus Rose?[Bluegrass Messengers]
Children Do Linger - Spiritual 1867[Bluegrass Messengers]
Children, Don't Be Weary - Bessie Griffin[Bluegrass Messengers]
Children Go Where I Send Thee[AZLyrics]
Children Go Where I Send Thee[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Children, Go Where I Send Thee[Lyrics.com]
Children Go Where I Send Thee[Lyrics.com]
Children go where i send thee[ST Lyrics]
Children Go Where I Send Thee - Spiritual[Bluegrass Messengers]
Children of the Heavenly King - Wisdom Sisters 1926[Bluegrass Messengers]
Children of the Lord - Traditional Praise Song[Bluegrass Messengers]
Children of the World[Lyrics.com]
Children Of Zion - Rev. Gary Davis[Bluegrass Messengers]
Children Wade in the Water - Blue Jay Singers 1932[Bluegrass Messengers]
Children, We All Shall Be Free - Jubilee Singers[Bluegrass Messengers]
Children, You'll Be Called On - Jubilee Singers[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chillun Ob Duh Wilduhness Moan Fuh Bread[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chilly Water - Spiritual - Jubilee Singers 1883[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chilly Winds[BluegrassNet]
Chilly Winds - Version 1 Cisco Houston[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chilly Winds - Version 2 Kingston Trio[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chilly Winds - Version 3 East Coast Blues[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chilly Winds - Version 4 Nina Simone[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chilly Winds - Version 5 Bob Dylan[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chilly Winds - Version 6 Seekers[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chilly Winds - Version 7 Levee Moan[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chilly Winds - Version 8[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chime Bells[BluegrassNet]
Chime bells[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Chittlin' Cookin' Time In Cheatham County[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Chittlin Cooking Time in Cheatham County[Bluegrass Messengers]
Chittlin' Cookin' Time In Cheatham County[BluegrassNet]
Chittlin' cookin' time in Cheatham county[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Choctaw Hayride[Lyrics.com]
Choices[Barb Diederich's Bluegrass Lyrics Database]
Choose You A Seat 'N' Set Down - Spiritual[Bluegrass Messengers]
Christ Arose - Robert Lowry 1874[Bluegrass Messengers]
Christ Child's Lullaby - Ranald Rankin 1855[Bluegrass Messengers]
Christ in the Garden - Richardson 1932 Flanders[Bluegrass Messengers]
Christ Is Coming On The Cloud - Spiritual - Lomax[Bluegrass Messengers]
Christ Returneth - Turner 1878[Bluegrass Messengers]
Christ The Lord Was Really Here[Joan Babcock's Lyrics to Some Great Old Songs]
Christ Was A Wayworn Traveler - Sarah Ogan Gunning[Bluegrass Messengers]
Christ Was a Weary Traveler - Brown Collection[Bluegrass Messengers]
Christ was Born in Bethlehem - Folk Hymn[Bluegrass Messengers]
Christ Was Born on Christmas Morn - Spiritual[Bluegrass Messengers]
Christian Band - Millennial Harp 1843[Bluegrass Messengers]
Christian Hold Out Your Light - Max Hunter Coll.[Bluegrass Messengers]
Christian Home In Glory - W.P. Detherow 1959[Bluegrass Messengers]
The Christian Life[BluegrassNet]
Christian Life[Lyrics.com]
The Christian Life[Lyrics.com]
Christian Race - Revival hymn - C. G. Wells 1870[Bluegrass Messengers]
Christian Soldier - Sacred Harp[Bluegrass Messengers]
Christian's Hope - Folk Hymn - William Walker[Bluegrass Messengers]
Christian's Hymn of The Crucifixion - Barton 1898[Bluegrass Messengers]
Christian's Wish[Bluegrass Messengers]
The Christians and the Pagans[Lyrics.com]
Christians Awake - Ekins Payne Jubilee Singers[Bluegrass Messengers]
Christians Hold Out Your Light - R. E. Winsett[Bluegrass Messengers]
Christians, Hold Up your Heads - John Work 1907[Bluegrass Messengers]
Christians Hold Your Light - EkinsPayne Singers[Bluegrass Messengers]
Christine LeRoy[Barb Diederich's Bluegrass Lyrics Database]
Christine Leroy[The ToneWay Song Collection]
Christine Sixteen[Lyrics.com]
Christine Sixteen[SongLyrics]
Christine Sixteen[SongMeanings]
Christine's Tune (Devil in Disguise)[Lyrics.com]
Christmas Anthem - James Denson, 1844[Bluegrass Messengers]
Christmas Eve[AZLyrics]
Christmas Eve[Lyrics.com]
Christmas Holiday (Pug Allen)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Christmas Holiday - Pug Allen[Bluegrass Messengers]
Christmas In Prison[BluegrassNet]
Christmas In The Mountains[Classic Country Lyrics]
[New!] Christmas Is[Classic Country Lyrics]
Christmas Is Coming - Traditional - Kingston Trio[Bluegrass Messengers]
Christmas Is Near[Lyrics.com]
Christmas Reunion[BluegrassNet]
Christmas reunion[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
The Christmas Song[Lyrics.com]
Christmas Time At Home[AZLyrics]
Christmas Time at Home[Lyrics.com]
Christmas Time Back Home[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Christmas Time Back Home[BluegrassNet]
Christmas Time Back Home[Classic Country Lyrics]
Christmas time back home[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Christmas Time Is Coming[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Christmas Time Is Coming[Bluegrass Messengers]
Christmas time is coming[ST Lyrics]
Christmas Time Is Near - Stanley Brothers[Bluegrass Messengers]
Christmas Time On Rocky Top[Classic Country Lyrics]
Christmas Time Will Soon Be Over[Bluegrass Messengers]
Christmas Time Will Soon Be Over - Carson[Bluegrass Messengers]
Christmas Time's A Coming[BluegrassNet]
Christmas Time's a Comin'[Lyrics.com]
Christmas Time's a Coming[Lyrics.com]
Christmas Time's A-Comin'[Lyrics.com]
Christmas Time's A-Coming[Lyrics.com]
Christmas time's a-coming[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Christmas Time's A-Comin'[OldieLyrics.com]
Christmas Time's a-Coming[SongLyrics]
Christmas Time's A-Coming[SongLyrics]
Christmas Time's A-Coming[ST Lyrics]
Church Across the Way - W. B. Gray - 1894[Bluegrass Messengers]
Church At The Foot Of The Hill - Dixon Brothers[Bluegrass Messengers]
The Church Back Home[BluegrassLyrics.com]
The Church Back Home[BluegrassNet]
The Church Back Home[Classic Country Lyrics]
The church back home[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Church Bells - Spiritual - Kid Prince Moore[Bluegrass Messengers]
The Church By The Road[Classic Country Lyrics]
Church by the Road[Lyrics.com]
Church, I'm Fully Saved Today - Willie Johnson[Bluegrass Messengers]
Church In The Mountain[BluegrassNet]
The Church In The Wildwood[AZLyrics]
The Church In The Wildwood[BluegrassLyrics.com]
The Church In The Wildwood[BluegrassNet]
Church in the Wildwood[Bluegrass West!]
Church In The Wildwood[Joan Babcock's Lyrics to Some Great Old Songs]
The church in the wildwood[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Church In The Wildwood[OldieLyrics.com]
Church In the Wildwood[SongLyrics]
Church in the Wildwood[The ToneWay Song Collection]
Church In The Wildwood[Traditional Bluegrass Music - Carter Family Songs]
The Church In The Wildwood[Traditional Bluegrass Music - Carter Family Songs]
Church in the Wildwood - Carter Family 1932[Bluegrass Messengers]
The Church In The Wildwood2[Traditional Bluegrass Music - Carter Family Songs]
Church of God - Spiritual - Fenner 1874[Bluegrass Messengers]
Church of God is Right - Otis and Tom Mote[Bluegrass Messengers]
Church Steeple[Lyrics.com]
Church Street Blues[AZLyrics]
Church Street Blues[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Cider[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cindy[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Cindy[The ToneWay Song Collection]
Cindy (2)[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Cindy - Version 1 Bluegrass Messengers[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cindy - Version 10 Dan Tate[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cindy - Version 12 Whoop 'Em Up Cindy - Macon[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cindy - Version 13 ("Silicone Cindy")[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cindy - Version 14 Brown Collection[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cindy - Version 15 Lomax 1911[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cindy - Version 2 Bradley Kincaid[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cindy - Version 5 Kingston Trio[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cindy - Version 6 Sonny Terry & Brownie McGee[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cindy - Version 7 Ricky Nelson[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cindy - Version 8 Cajun[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cindy - Version 9 Wayne Erbsen[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cindy Gal - Carolina Chocolate Drops[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cindy Gal - Version 3 Poplin Family[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cindy in the Meadows - Version 4 Bumgardner[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cindy In The Summertime - Ellery Brothers[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cindy's Crying[BluegrassNet]
Circle Be Unbroken - Bluegrass Messengers -Matteson[Bluegrass Messengers]
The Circle Game[BluegrassNet]
Circles Around You[Lyrics.com]
Circuit Rider[BluegrassNet]
Citizen Kane[BluegrassNet]
City Called Heaven - Jessye Norman[Bluegrass Messengers]
City Called Heaven - Marian Anderson[Bluegrass Messengers]
City Folks Call Us Poor[Classic Country Lyrics]
City Four Square - Horton Barker[Bluegrass Messengers]
City Lights[BluegrassLyrics.com]
City of Gold[BluegrassLyrics.com]
City Of Gold[Classic Country Lyrics]
City Of New Orleans[BluegrassNet]
The City Of New Orleans[BluegrassNet]
The City of New Orleans[Blackstock Bluegrass]
City Of New Orleans[CowboyLyrics.com]
City Of New Orleans[Lyrics.az]
City of New Orleans[Lyrics.com]
City of New Orleans[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
City of New Orleans[SongLyrics]
City of Refuge - Spiritual - Brown Collection[Bluegrass Messengers]
City of Refuge - Spiritual - Nick Cave[Bluegrass Messengers]
City of Refuge - Spiritual - Rev. C.J. Johnson[Bluegrass Messengers]
City of Refuge - Spiritual - Willie Johnson 1928[Bluegrass Messengers]
City On the Hill - Wade Mainer[Bluegrass Messengers]
City That Drowned[Musixmatch]
City That Lies Four Square[BluegrassNet]
City that lies four square[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Class of '57[Lyrics.com]
Classic Situation[Lyrics.az]
Classic Situation[Lyrics.com]
Classic Situation[ST Lyrics]
Clay and Ottie[Blue Highway Song Lyrics]
Clear Cut[Blue Highway Song Lyrics]
Clear Cut[Jarrod's Bluegrass Songbook]
Clear The Kitchen/ Clare De Kitchen 1832[Bluegrass Messengers]
Clear The Line Before You Call - Spiritual - Tartt[Bluegrass Messengers]
Clear Title to a Mansion - Mainer's Mountaineers[Bluegrass Messengers]
The Clearness Is Gone[AZLyrics]
The Clearness Is Gone[SongLyrics]
Climb Up Ye Little Children - Jubilee Singers[Bluegrass Messengers]
Climbing High Mountains - Spiritual[Bluegrass Messengers]
Climbing Jacob's Ladder - Vocal-Aires of Birmingham[Bluegrass Messengers]
Climbing Up All Day - Capitol City Four[Bluegrass Messengers]
Clim'in' Up De Hills - Spiritual - Tartt Collection[Bluegrass Messengers]
Climbing Up The Golden Stairs - Happy Four[Bluegrass Messengers]
Climbing Up The Golden Stairs - Hawker[Bluegrass Messengers]
Climbing Up The Golden Stairs - Versions - 1800s[Bluegrass Messengers]
Climbing Up the Hill O' Mt. Zion - Spiritual - Lomax[Bluegrass Messengers]
Climbing Up The Mountain[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Climbing Up The Mountain[Bluegrass Messengers]
Climbing Up To Glory - Putnam & Sawyer 1883[Bluegrass Messengers]
Climbing Up Zion's Hill - Carter Family 1952[Bluegrass Messengers]
Climbing Up Zion's Hill - Wellborn Waters[Bluegrass Messengers]
Climbing Zion's Hill[OldieLyrics.com]
Clinch Mountain Blues[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Clinch Mountain Blues[BluegrassNet]
Clinch mountain blues[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Clocks And Spoons[BluegrassNet]
Close By[AZLyrics]
Close By[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Close By[BluegrassNet]
Close By[Classic Country Lyrics]
Close By[Harajuku Jam Bluegrass Song Book]
Close By[Lyrics.com]
Close by[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Close By[OldieLyrics.com]
Close By[SongLyrics]
Close by[ST Lyrics]
Close The Door Lightly[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Close The Door Lightly[Classic Country Lyrics]
Close the Door Lightly[Lyrics.com]
Close the Door Lightly[SongLyrics]
Close The Door Lightly When You Go[BluegrassNet]
Closer Walk With Thee[AZLyrics]
Closing Night[AZLyrics]
Cloud and Fire - Ernest Phipps 1928[Bluegrass Messengers]
Clouds Gwine Roll Away - Jubilee Song[Bluegrass Messengers]
[New!] Cloudy Day[Classic Country Lyrics]
Cloudy Days[AZLyrics]
Cloudy Days[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Cloudy Days[Lyrics.com]
Cloudy days[ST Lyrics]
Cloudy days[ST Lyrics]
Cluck Old Hen[AZLyrics]
Cluck Old Hen[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Cluck Old Hen[Lyrics.com]
Cluck ole hen[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Cluck old hen[ST Lyrics]
Cluck Old Hen[ST Lyrics]
Cluck Old Hen[The ToneWay Song Collection]
Cluck Old Hen - Version 1 (Various Artists)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cluck Old Hen - Version 10 Perrow 1909[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cluck Old Hen - Version 11 (Vester Jones)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cluck Old Hen - Version 2 (Frank Profitt)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cluck Old Hen - Version 3 Fiddlin' Powers[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cluck Old Hen - Version 4 (Bogtrotters)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cluck Old Hen - Version 5 (Hill Billies - Bowman)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cluck Old Hen - Version 6 Doc Watson & Ashley[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cluck Old Hen - Version 7 (Tommy Jarrell)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cluck Old Hen - Version 8 (Wayne Erbsen)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cluck Old Hen - Version 9 (Edward Weaver)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Coal, Black Gold[CowboyLyrics.com]
Coal Miner's Blues[AZLyrics]
Coal Miner's Blues[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Coal Miner's Blues[BluegrassNet]
Coal Miner's Blues[Bluegrass West!]
Coal Miner's Blues[Classic Country Lyrics]
Coal miner's blues[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Coal Miner's Blues[OldieLyrics.com]
Coal Miner's Blues[OldieLyrics.com]
Coal miner's blues[ST Lyrics]
Coal Miner's Blues[The ToneWay Song Collection]
Coal Miner's Blues[Traditional Bluegrass Music - Carter Family Songs]
Coal Minin' Man[AZLyrics]
Coal Minin' Man[Lyrics.com]
Coal Mining Woman[Lyrics.com]
Coal Tattoo[BluegrassNet]
Coat Of Many Colors[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Coat Of Many Colors[BluegrassNet]
Coat of Many Colors[Lyrics.com]
Cobble Stone Mountain[Classic Country Lyrics]
Cobblestone Mountain[BluegrassNet]
Cocaine Blues[AZLyrics]
Cocaine Habit[AZLyrics]
Cocaine Habit[Lyrics.com]
Cocaine in My Brain[Lyrics.com]
The code of mountain[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
The Code Of Mountains[BluegrassNet]
Coffee Grows on White-Oak Trees[Bluegrass Messengers]
Coffin To Bind Me Down - Spiritual 1899[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cold As The Ashes In The Snow[BluegrassNet]
Cold Beverage[AZLyrics]
Cold Cheater's Heart[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Cold Cheater's Heart[Lyrics.com]
Cold Cheaters Heart[Classic Country Lyrics]
Cold Cold Heart[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Cold Cold Heart[Lyrics.com]
Cold Feet[AZLyrics]
Cold Gin[SongLyrics]
Cold Gray Light Of Gone[Classic Country Lyrics]
Cold Gray Light of Gone[Lyrics.com]
Cold Gray Tomb of Stone[BluegrassLyrics.com]
The Cold Hard Facts[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Cold Hard Rain[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Cold Icy Hand - Spiritual - 1898[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cold Missouri Waters[BluegrassNet]
Cold On The Shoulder[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Cold On The Shoulder[Classic Country Lyrics]
Cold Rain and Snow - Version 1 (Cecil Sharp)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cold Rain and Snow - Version 2 (Obray Ramsey)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cold Rain and Snow - Version 3 (Grateful Dead)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cold Rain and Snow - Version 4 Dillard Chandler[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cold Rain and Snow - Version 5 Betsy Rutherford[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cold Wind[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Collateral Damage[AZLyrics]
Colleen Malone[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Colleen Malone[Classic Country Lyrics]
Colly Davis[BluegrassNet]
Colly Davis[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Color of the Blues[Lyrics.com]
Colorado Christmas[Lyrics.com]
Colorado Rocky Mountain High[BluegrassNet]
Colors of Your Heart[Lyrics.com]
Columbus Stockade[CowboyLyrics.com]
Columbus Stockade Blues[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Columbus Stockade Blues[BluegrassNet]
Columbus stockade blues[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Columbus Stockade Blues[OldieLyrics.com]
Columbus Stockade Blues[SongLyrics]
Columbus stockade blues[ST Lyrics]
Columbus Stockade Blues[The ToneWay Song Collection]
Columbus Stokade Blues[Traditional Bluegrass Music - Carter Family Songs]
Come - Mrs. James Gibson Johnson[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come All Dear Brethren - Sacred Harp 1928[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come, All of God's Children - Jubilee Singers 1874[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Come All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies[CowboyLyrics.com]
Come all ye fair and tender ladies[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Come All Ye Tender-Hearted[The ToneWay Song Collection]
Come All You Friends and Neighbors - Brown[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come All You Tender Hearted[BluegrassNet]
Come All You Tender Hearted[Classic Country Lyrics]
Come all you tender hearted[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Come All You Tenderhearted[Lyrics.com]
Come Along - Spiritual - Barton 1898[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Along and Shout Along - Jackson 1933[Bluegrass Messengers]
Com' 'Long, Brother - Bahama Spiritual 1895[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Along, Julie[Lyrics.com]
Come Along Moses - Spiritual 1867[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Along Sinners - M.H. Rosenfeld 1881[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Along You Prayin' Father - Max Hunter[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come and Dine[Classic Country Lyrics]
Come And Dine - Grandpa Jones 1975[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come And Go Blues[AZLyrics]
Come and Go with Me to My Father's House[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come and Go with Me to That Land - Spiritual[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come and Jine - Also "Come and Join"[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come and Sit by the River[Lyrics.com]
Come and sit by the river[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Come, Angel Band - W.P. Detherow 1952[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Back Darling[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Come Back Darling[BluegrassNet]
Come Back Darling[Classic Country Lyrics]
Come back darling[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Come Back Darling[OldieLyrics.com]
Come back darling[ST Lyrics]
Come Back Home[AZLyrics]
Come Back Home[Lyrics.com]
Come Back To Me[OldieLyrics.com]
Come Back To Me In My Dreams[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Come Back To Me In My Dreams[BluegrassNet]
Come Back To Me In My Dreams[Classic Country Lyrics]
Come Back to Me in My Dreams[Lyrics.com]
Come back to me in my dreams[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Come Back To Me In My Dreams[OldieLyrics.com]
Come Back to Me in My Dreams[SongLyrics]
Come back to me in my dreams[ST Lyrics]
Come Back To Us Barbara Lewis Hare Krishna Beauregard[BluegrassNet]
Come By Here - Spiritual - Blind Wonders 1953[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come By Here - Spiritual 1931 "Come By Yuh"[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come by the Hills[Tom Gray's Bluegrass Songbook]
Come, Come Ye Saints - William Clayton[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Dance[Lyrics.az]
Come Down - Spiritual - John Work 1907[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Down, Angel, And Trouble The Water - Perkins[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Down, Angels - Jubilee Singers 1874[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Down, Sinners - Spiritual - Southern Workman[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Early Morning[Lyrics.az]
Come Early Morning[Lyrics.com]
Come En Go Wid Me - Gullah Spiritual[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Friends Go with Me - Shape Note Folk Hymn[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Go With Me[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Come Go With Me[BluegrassNet]
Come Go With Me[Classic Country Lyrics]
Come Go with Me[Lyrics.com]
Come go with me[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Come Go With Me[OldieLyrics.com]
Come Go With Me[SongLyrics]
Come go with me[ST Lyrics]
Come Go With Me - Spiritual 1867[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Here Jesus If You Please - Work 1940[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Here, Lord! - Spiritual - Work - 1907[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Here Son[BluegrassNet]
Come here son[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Come, Holy Spirit, Come (Abbeville) - Sacred Harp[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Home[The ToneWay Song Collection]
Come Home - Spiritual - John Lomax 1911[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Home Darling[Barb Diederich's Bluegrass Lyrics Database]
Come, Humble Sinners[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come In Stranger[BluegrassNet]
Come In The Room - Hightower and Massey 1967[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come, Let Us All Go Down - Jubilee Singers 1874[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Let Us Sing - Folk Hymn "Twelve Apostles"[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Listen One, Come Listen All[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Morning[Joan Babcock's Lyrics to Some Great Old Songs]
Come, My Heart - Primitive Baptist hymn[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Now My Dear Brethren I Bid You Farewell[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come On And Bow Down - James "Iron Head" Baker[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come On Board The Ship Of Glory - Clyde Maness[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come On Children, Let's Sing - Jackson 1960[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come On, Come On - Straight Street Holiness Group[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come On Down To My World[Classic Country Lyrics]
Come on Down to My World[Lyrics.com]
Come On Ezekiel Let's Go 'Round The Wall[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come On In[Joan Babcock's Lyrics to Some Great Old Songs]
Come On in This House - Spiritual - Fairfield Four[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come On, Join That Number - Selah Singers 1941[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come On Let's Go To Burying - Spiritual[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come On Over[Classic Country Lyrics]
Come On See About Me - Swanee Quintet[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come On Son - Curly Fox[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come On Up To Bright Glory - Rich Amerson[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Out Of The Wilderness - Spiritual 1895[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Out of the Wilderness - The Cathedral Quartet[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Over Here - from Memphis Jug Bands 1928[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Over Here - Matteson 2010[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Over Here - Mello-aires of Rochester, NY[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Over Here - Spiritual Singers for Christ 1951[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Over Here - Starlight Gospel Singers 1954[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Sing To Me Of Heaven - Dana, 1840[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Sinner, Come - Spiritual - Odum[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come, Sinner, Come - Witter and Palmer 1887[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Sit By The River[BluegrassNet]
Come Sit By The River[Classic Country Lyrics]
Come Sunday[Lyrics.com]
Come Tell Me Of Your Ship - Shape Note - Davis[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing - Brown 1924[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come to Jesus Just Now[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come To My Bedside[BluegrassNet]
Come Trembleing Down - Krehbiel 1914[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Walk With Me[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Come Walk With Me[BluegrassNet]
Come Walk With Me[Classic Country Lyrics]
Come walk with me[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Come Ye Sinners Poor and Needy[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come Ye That Fear the Lord - James Montgomery[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come, Ye that Love the Lord - Starlight Singers[Bluegrass Messengers]
Come, Ye that Love the Lord - Watts & Lowry[Bluegrass Messengers]
Comfort In Heaven - Spiritual - Barton 1898[Bluegrass Messengers]
Comforter Has Come - Bottome & Kirkpatrick 1890[Bluegrass Messengers]
Comin' Again[AZLyrics]
Comin' Around[Lyrics.com]
Comin' Back To Me[BluegrassNet]
Coming Back To You[AZLyrics]
Coming Day, The - Spiritual 1867 Higginson[Bluegrass Messengers]
Coming Down From God - Molly O'Day, Lynn Davis[Bluegrass Messengers]
[New!] Coming To The Party[Classic Country Lyrics]
Coming up Close[Lyrics.com]
Coming Up, Coming Up Before God - Tartt[Bluegrass Messengers]
Companions Draw Nigh - Randolph 1921[Bluegrass Messengers]
Companions Draw Nigh - W.P. Detherow 1952[Bluegrass Messengers]
Condescension - Southern Harmony[Bluegrass Messengers]
Confessing[ST Lyrics]
Confidence - Shape Note - Turner 1850 "Away"[Bluegrass Messengers]
Constantly Abiding - Anne S. Murphy 1908[Bluegrass Messengers]
Conversation With Death[Joan Babcock's Lyrics to Some Great Old Songs]
Conversation with Death - "Oh Death"[Bluegrass Messengers]
Conversion - Denson Parris Sacred Singers 1934[Bluegrass Messengers]
Coo Coo Bird[Lyrics.com]
The Coo Coo Bird[Lyrics.com]
The Coo-Coo Bird[Lyrics.com]
Cool Down Yonder - Marion Williams[Bluegrass Messengers]
Coon Can - See: "Little Sadie" Version 8[Bluegrass Messengers]
Coon Dog[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cora Is Gone[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Cora Is Gone[BluegrassNet]
Cora Is Gone[Classic Country Lyrics]
Cora Is Gone[Lyrics.com]
Cora Is Gone[OldieLyrics.com]
Cora is Gone[Radford University Lyrics to Traditional and Bluegrass Songs]
Cora is gone[ST Lyrics]
Corey is gone[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Corina Corina[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Corinna, Corinna[BluegrassNet]
Corinna, Corinna[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Corn Liquor[SongLyrics]
Cornbread, 'Lasses & Sassafras Tea - June Carter[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cornbread 'Lasses & Sassafras Tea - Oscar & Lonzo[Bluegrass Messengers]
Corner Stone[Lyrics.com]
Cornstalk Fiddle and a Shoestring Bow[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cornstalk Fiddle and a Shoestring Bow - Version 2[Bluegrass Messengers]
Coronation - "All Hail The Power"[Bluegrass Messengers]
Coronation Day[Joan Babcock's Lyrics to Some Great Old Songs]
Corporal Casey[Bluegrass Messengers]
Corrina[The ToneWay Song Collection]
Cose By[Lyrics.com]
Cotton Chopping Song - "You Can't Hide" Tartt[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cotton Eyed Joe[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Cotton Eyed Joe[BluegrassNet]
Cotton Eyed Joe[Lyrics.com]
Cotton eyed Joe[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Cotton Eyed Joe[OldieLyrics.com]
Cotton eyed joe[ST Lyrics]
Cotton Eyed Joe[The ToneWay Song Collection]
Cotton Eyed Joe - Version 1 (John Dykes)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cotton Eyed Joe - Version 10[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cotton Eyed Joe - Version 11 (Thomas Talley)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cotton Eyed Joe - Version 12 (Red Clay Ramblers)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cotton Eyed Joe - Version 14[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cotton Eyed Joe - Version 15 (Lomax)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cotton Eyed Joe - Version 16[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cotton Eyed Joe - Version 17 North Louisiana String[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cotton Eyed Joe - Version 18 (Bob Wills)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cotton Eyed Joe - Version 19 (Freight Hoppers)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cotton Eyed Joe - Version 2 Carter Brothers[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cotton Eyed Joe - Version 3 (from Mississippi)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cotton Eyed Joe - Version 4 (Bill Monroe)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cotton Eyed Joe - Version 5 (Kenny Hall)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cotton Eyed Joe - Version 6 (Thomas & Leeder)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cotton Eyed Joe - Version 7 (Mountain Ramblers)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cotton Eyed Joe - Version 8 (Scarborough)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cotton Eyed Joe - Version 9 (Art Thieme)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cotton Fields[BluegrassNet]
Cotton Fields[Lyrics.com]
Cotton Fields[OldieLyrics.com]
Cotton Fields[SongLyrics]
Cotton Fields[ST Lyrics]
Cotton Mill Man[Classic Country Lyrics]
Cotton Pickin' Railroad Blues[BluegrassNet]
Cotton-Eyed Joe[Lyrics.com]
Cotton-Eyed Joe - Version 13[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cottonwood Tree[BluegrassNet]
Could It Be[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Could This Be Magic?[Lyrics.com]
Could You Lie[AZLyrics]
Could You Lie[Lyrics.com]
Could you lie[ST Lyrics]
Could You Love Me One More Time[AZLyrics]
Could You Love Me One More Time[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Could You Love Me One More Time[BluegrassNet]
[New!] Could You Love Me One More Time[Classic Country Lyrics]
Could You Love Me One More Time[Lyrics.com]
Could You Love Me One More Time?[Lyrics.com]
Could you love me one more time[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Could You Love Me One More Time[OldieLyrics.com]
Could you love me one more time[ST Lyrics]
Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray - Spiritual[Bluegrass Messengers]
Couldn't Keep It To Myself - Spiritual[Bluegrass Messengers]
Count Me Out[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Count Out The Angels - Mitchell's Christian Singers[Bluegrass Messengers]
Count Your Blessings - Oatman and Excell 1897[Bluegrass Messengers]
Counting The Days[Blackstock Bluegrass]
Country Blues[BluegrassNet]
Country Blues[Lyrics.com]
Country blues[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Country Blues[The ToneWay Song Collection]
Country Blues - Version 1 (Doc Boggs - 1927)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Country Blues - Version 2 (Doc Boggs - 1963)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Country Blues - Version 3 (Montoya's Web-site)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Country Boy[AZLyrics]
Country Boy[Lyrics.com]
The country boy[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Country Boy Rock And Roll[BluegrassNet]
Country Boy Rock 'n' Roll[Lyrics.com]
Country Boy Rock & Roll[Lyrics.com]
Country boy rock and roll[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Country Comfort[BluegrassNet]
Country Comfort[Lyrics.com]
Country Gal[AZLyrics]
Country Gal[Lyrics.com]
Country Ham and Red Gravy-[Bluegrass Messengers]
[New!] Country Is[Classic Country Lyrics]
Country Roads[BluegrassNet]
Country Store[SongLyrics]
Courage For The Road[AZLyrics]
Cousin Sally Brown[Bluegrass Messengers]
Coventry Carol - Traditional Folk Carol[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cow Puncher Blues[BluegrassNet]
Cowboy Christmas[Lyrics.com]
The Cowboy Fireman[BluegrassNet]
Cowboy Jack[AZLyrics]
Cowboy Jack[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Cowboy Jack[Bluegrass West!]
Cowboy Jack[Joan Babcock's Lyrics to Some Great Old Songs]
Cowboy Jack[OldieLyrics.com]
Cowboy Jack[The ToneWay Song Collection]
Cowboy Jack[Traditional Bluegrass Music - Carter Family Songs]
Cowboy's Wild Song To His Herd[AZLyrics]
Cowboy's Wild Song To His Herd[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Cowboy's Wild Song to His Herd[Bluegrass West!]
Cowboy's Wild Song To His Herd[OldieLyrics.com]
Cowboy's Wild Song To His Herd[Traditional Bluegrass Music - Carter Family Songs]
Crap Shooter - Spiritual - N. I. White 1928[Bluegrass Messengers]
Crawdad[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Crawdad - Version 1 (Thede - "Sweet Child")[Bluegrass Messengers]
Crawdad - Version 10 ("Old Mister Rabbit" Dan Tate)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Crawdad - Version 2 (Crawdad Hole)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Crawdad - Version 3[Bluegrass Messengers]
Crawdad - Version 4 (Harry Belafonte)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Crawdad - Version 5 (Langstaff-"Crowfish Man")[Bluegrass Messengers]
Crawdad - Version 6[Bluegrass Messengers]
Crawdad - Version 7 (Doc Watson)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Crawdad - Version 8 (Lomax)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Crawdad - Version 9 "What Makes A Frenchman" Perrow[Bluegrass Messengers]
Crawdad Hole[Lyrics.com]
Crawdad Song[The ToneWay Song Collection]
Crazy As Me[AZLyrics]
Crazy as Me[Lyrics.com]
Crazy as me[ST Lyrics]
Crazy as me[ST Lyrics]
Crazy Eyes[AZLyrics]
Crazy Eyes[Lyrics.com]
Crazy Faith[AZLyrics]
Crazy Faith[Lyrics.com]
Crazy faith[ST Lyrics]
Crazy faith[ST Lyrics]
Crazy faith[ST Lyrics]
Crazy From the Heart[Lyrics.com]
Crazy Heart[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Crazy Heart[Classic Country Lyrics]
Crazy Heart[Lyrics.com]
Crazy Love[AZLyrics]
Crazy Love[Lyrics.com]
Crazy What A Lonely Heart Will Do[AZLyrics]
Crazy What a Lonely Heart Will Do[Lyrics.com]
Creation - N. I. White 1915 Version of "Dese Bones"[Bluegrass Messengers]
Creation - Spiritual From Brown Collection[Bluegrass Messengers]
The Creator[Joan Babcock's Lyrics to Some Great Old Songs]
Creep Along Moses - Byants Jubilee Quartet 1928[Bluegrass Messengers]
Creep Along Moses - Taskiana Four - 1926[Bluegrass Messengers]
Crescent City[Lyrics.com]
The Crime I Didn't Do[Blackstock Bluegrass]
Cripple Creek[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Cripple Creek[BluegrassNet]
Cripple Creek[Lyrics.com]
Cripple creek[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Cripple Creek[OldieLyrics.com]
Cripple Creek[SongLyrics]
Cripple Creek[ST Lyrics]
Cripple Creek - Perrow 1909[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cripple Creek - Version 1[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cripple Creek - Version 2 (Country Gentlemen)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cripple Creek - Version 3 Poole's "Shootin' Creek"[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cripple Creek - Version 4[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cripple Creek - Version 5[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cripple Creek - Version 6 (Frank Proffitt)[Bluegrass Messengers]
The Crocodile[Lyrics.com]
The Crooked Line[Lyrics.com]
Crooked Little House[Lyrics.com]
Crooked Nose Jack[Dennis Goodwin's Originals]
Crooked Road[Tim O'Brien]
A Cross For Me - Sacred Harp[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cross Me Over - Odum & Johnson 1925[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cross of Christ - Shape-note, Breedlove[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cross Over The Bridge[BluegrassNet]
Cross Yourself[Lyrics.com]
Cross-Eyed Butcher and the Cacklin' Hen[Bluegrass Messengers]
Crossed Old Jordan's Stream - Bird's KCC[Bluegrass Messengers]
[New!] The Crossing[Tim O'Brien]
Crossing over Jordan - Alex Bradford Specials 1954[Bluegrass Messengers]
The Crossroads Bar[BluegrassLyrics.com]
The Crossroads Bar[OldieLyrics.com]
The crossroads bar[ST Lyrics]
Crow Black Chicken - Original Lyrics[Bluegrass Messengers]
Crow Black Chicken - Version 1 (Ry Cooder)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Crow Black Chicken - Version 2 (Hog Stompers)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Crow-Fish Man - Sharp[Bluegrass Messengers]
Crown Him - Bela Lam 1929[Bluegrass Messengers]
Crown of Jewels[Lyrics.com]
Crucifixion - Fisk Jubilee Singers "Were You There?[Bluegrass Messengers]
Crucifixion - Spiritual - Hayes "And He Never Said"[Bluegrass Messengers]
Crucifixion - Spiritual - Rev. Gary Davis[Bluegrass Messengers]
The Cruel War[Barb Diederich's Bluegrass Lyrics Database]
Cry Baby Cry[Lyrics.com]
Cry, Cry Darlin'[AZLyrics]
Cry Cry Darling[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Cry Cry Darling[BluegrassNet]
Cry Cry Darlin[David Willis's Bluegrass Songbook]
Cry Cry Darlin'[Lyrics.com]
Cry, Cry Darlin'[Lyrics.com]
Cry, Cry Darling[Lyrics.com]
Cry cry darling[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Cry, Cry Darling[OldieLyrics.com]
Cry Cry Darlin'[SongLyrics]
Cry, Cry Darling[SongLyrics]
Cry, Cry Darlin'[ST Lyrics]
Cry, cry darling[ST Lyrics]
Cry From The Cross[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Cry From The Cross[Classic Country Lyrics]
The Cry From The Cross[OldieLyrics.com]
Cry from the cross[ST Lyrics]
Cry from the Cross - Stanley Brothers[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cry Holy - Spiritual - Higginson 1867[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cry No Mississippi[AZLyrics]
Cry Of The Whippoorwill[AZLyrics]
Cry Of The Whippoorwill[Blackstock Bluegrass]
Crying Alone[OldieLyrics.com]
Crying Alone[ST Lyrics]
Cryin' Heart Blues[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Cryin' Heart Blues[BluegrassNet]
Cryin' heart blues[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Crying Holy[David Willis's Bluegrass Songbook]
Crying Holy To The Lord[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Crying Holy To The Lord[BluegrassNet]
Crying Holy to the lord[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Cryin' Holy Unto My Lord[Lyrics.com]
Cryin' Holy Unto My Lord[SongLyrics]
Cryin' Holy Unto My Lord[ST Lyrics]
Cryin' Holy Unto My Lord - Bill Monroe 1940[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cryin' Holy Unto The Lord[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Crying Holy Unto The Lord[Classic Country Lyrics]
Cryin' Holy Unto the Lord[Lyrics.com]
Crying Holy Unto the Lord[Lyrics.com]
Cryin' Holy Unto The Lord[OldieLyrics.com]
Cryin' Holy Unto The Lord[OldieLyrics.com]
Cryin' Holy Unto the Lord[SongLyrics]
Cryin' Holy Unto The Lord[ST Lyrics]
Cryin' holy unto the lord[ST Lyrics]
Crying holy unto the Lord[Traditional Bluegrass Music - Carter Family Songs]
Crying Holy Unto The Lord - Norfolk Jubilee[Bluegrass Messengers]
Crying My Heart Out Over You[AZLyrics]
Cryin' My Heart Out Over You[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Crying My Heart Out Over You[BluegrassNet]
[New!] Crying My Heart Out Over You[Classic Country Lyrics]
Cryin' My Heart Out Over You[Lyrics.com]
Crying My Heart Out Over You[Lyrics.com]
Crying my heart out over you[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Crying My Heart Out Over You[OldieLyrics.com]
Cryin' my heart out over you[ST Lyrics]
Crying Steel Guitar Waltz[Tom Gray's Bluegrass Songbook]
Cuba - Shape Note Folk Hymn[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cuban Soldier[BluegrassLyrics.com]
The Cuban Soldier[Bluegrass West!]
The Cuban Soldier[OldieLyrics.com]
Cuban Soldier[Traditional Bluegrass Music - Carter Family Songs]
The Cuckoo[AZLyrics]
The Cuckoo[BluegrassNet]
The Cuckoo[Lyrics.com]
The Cuckoo Bird[BluegrassLyrics.com]
The Cuckoo Bird[BluegrassNet]
The Cuckoo Bird[Lyrics.com]
The cuckoo bird[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Cuckoo Bird[The ToneWay Song Collection]
Cuckoo, The - Version 1 (Ford)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cuckoo, The - Version 10 (Judy Mahan)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cuckoo, The - Version 11 (Deana Carter)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cuckoo, The - Version 12 (Traditional English)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cuckoo, The - Version 13 (Queen Caroline Hughes)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cuckoo, The - Version 14 (Inconstant Lover)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cuckoo, The - Version 15 (Peter Paul & Mary)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cuckoo, The - Version 16 (Janis Joplin)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cuckoo, The - Version 17 (Traditional Irish)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cuckoo, The - Version 18 (Cecil Sharp)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cuckoo, The - Version 19 (Doc Watson)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cuckoo, The - Version 2 (Jean Ritchie)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cuckoo, The - Version 20 Richard Matteson[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cuckoo, The - Version 3 (Maid From Bunclody)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cuckoo, The - Version 4 (Streams of Bunclody)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cuckoo, The - Version 5 (Maid From Bunclody-2 )[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cuckoo, The - Version 6 (Coo Coo's A Bonny Bird)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cuckoo, The - Version 7 (A Walkin' and A Talkin')[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cuckoo, The - Version 8 (4th of July)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cuckoo, The - Version 9 Dolly Parton[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cuckoo's Nest[Lyrics.az]
Cuckoo's Nest[ST Lyrics]
Cuckoo's Nest, The - Version 1[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cuckoo's Nest, The - Version 2 (Jean Redpath)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cuckoo's Nest, The - Version 3 (John Shiels)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cuckoo's Nest, The - Version 4 (Logsdon)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cuckoo's Nest, The - Version 5 (Oscar Brand)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cuckoo's Nest, The - Version 6 (Magpies Nest)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cuckoo's Nest, The - Version 7 (Green Crown)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Culloden's Harvest[BluegrassNet]
Cumberland Gap[Barb Diederich's Bluegrass Lyrics Database]
Cumberland Gap[BluegrassNet]
Cumberland Gap[Lyrics.com]
Cumberland Gap[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Cumberland Gap[The ToneWay Song Collection]
Cumberland Gap - Version 1 (Also: Dogget's Gap)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cumberland Gap - Version 2 (Dock Boggs)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cumberland Gap - Version 3[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cumberland Gap - Version 4[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cumberland Gap - Version 5 (Civil War)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cumberland Gap - Version 6 (Lonnie Donegan)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cumberland Gap - Version 7 Jimmy Driftwood[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cumberland Gap - Version 8 (Bluegrass Messengers)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cumberland Gap - Version 9 (Dent Wimmer)[Bluegrass Messengers]
Cumberland River[Lyrics.com]
Cup of Kindness[Lyrics.com]
[New!] Cup Of Sugar[Tim O'Brien]
Curly Headed Baby[CowboyLyrics.com]
Curly Headed Baby[CowboyLyrics.com]
Curly Headed Woman - Burnett and Rutherford[Bluegrass Messengers]
The Curtains Of Night[OldieLyrics.com]
Curtains Of Sorrow[BluegrassNet]
Curtains Of Sorrow[Classic Country Lyrics]
Curtains of sorrow[Motoya Kitagawa's Bluegrass Song Book]
Custom Made Woman Blues[BluegrassLyrics.com]
Custom Made Woman Blues[Lyrics.com]
The Cyclone Of Rye Cove[AZLyrics]
Cyclone Of Rye Cove[BluegrassLyrics.com]
The Cyclone of Rye Cove[Bluegrass West!]
Cyclone of Rye Cove[CowboyLyrics.com]
The Cyclone Of Rye Cove[OldieLyrics.com]
Cyclone of Rye Cove[Traditional Bluegrass Music - Carter Family Songs]
Czolgosz - Lunsford; also: White House Blues[Bluegrass Messengers]

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