There's A Little Pine Log Cabin

Artist:Bill Clifton
Album:Come by the Hills
Writer:Albert E. Brumley

There's a little pine log cabin
Waiting down in welcome valley
There's an open door and when the roamin's o'er
I'm goin' back home
There's a mother daily prayin'
Waitin' for my homeward strayin'
To the little pine log cabin
Never more to roam

I want to see the children playin'
By the weepin' willow swayin'
Hear my mother softly prayin'
While the mocking bird sings (so sweetly)
How my weary heart is yearnin'
Just to be again returnin'
To the little pine log cabin
In the land of my dreams

Often when alone I still dream
Of the days beside the millstream
With my dad and mother and my little brother
Happy and gay
I can see the shadows fallin'
And I hear the voices callin'
From the little pine log cabin
At the end of the way


There's a little lamp light shinin'
There's a little trail a-windin'
Down a little valley to the little cabin
Peaceful and still
Honeysuckle vines are growin'
And I know I'll soon be goin'
To the little pine log cabin
At the foot of the hill


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