Song of the Rappahannock

Writer:  Tom Gray
Key:     A

Verse 1:
           A               A                D               E
    From a spring upon the Blue Ridge, as a stream not very wide
        A              F#m           B                  E
    The newborn Rappa- hannock flows down the mountain- side
         A                C#m               D             E
    This little stream is swiftly joined by others on its way
        A              D              A   /  E        A        A
    The Jordan and the Hazel, my can- oe can float a- way

Verse 2:
    Through Kellys Ford I paddle through rapids swift and clean
    As Nature passes by me, just made for me it seems
    I see a great blue heron, its great wings beating slow
    The river rushes onward, so on with it I go

               A               A                D                D
        Rappa- hannock (Rappa- hannock) keep on flowing (keep on flowing)
             A                E                A                A
        Ever flowing from the mountains to the sea

Verse 3:
    In centuries when the red man lived by this forest stream
    They dwelled in understanding, it was a peaceful scene
    Man and Nature lived together partners on the land
    As could go on forever, till came a stronger band

Verse 4:
    On the river's banks two armies met in bloody Civil War
    They fought to cross at Fredericksburg beneath the cannons roar
    In 1863 a Union Army did retreat
    From Chancellorsville across the Rappahannock in defeat

Repeat Chorus

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