C & O Canal

Artist:  The Seldom Scene
Album:   Act 3
Writer:  John Starling
Key:     G

G   Am   C   D

G (1)
Up from the night in the shanty saloons
Am (2m)
He remembers the night of the boatman's tunes
C (4)
It's all a part of the boatman's soul
D (5)
As the smell of the dust from the Cumberland coal

G (1)
With a three-mule team he winds his way
Am (2m)
Through the Paw Paw Tunnel, about mid-day
C (4)
Passing locks in the rain and fog
D (5)
His thoughts on nights at the Salty Dog

    G (1) C (4) G (1)       D (5)
    Hey,  hey,  hey -- lock ready!
        C (4)       D (5)
    Oh, hey -- hey, lock!
    Em (6m)
    These words like the lock-house, covered in time
         D (5)
    Live on for us in an old man's mind
    C (4)                              D (5)
    Never, no more, on the C & O Canal Line
          G (1)

G   Am   C   D

Doomed by the rail from the very start
His boat still lives in the people's heart
We've a debt to pay and a promise to keep
To save his way from an endless sleep

    Repeat chorus, a capella Mm-mm-mm

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