Walk On, Boy


         Dm                   A7

Well, I was born one morning,

Dm                            A7

Rain come a-pouring down.

  Dm                        Gm

I heard my Mammy say to my Pappy,

          Dm                A7       Dm

"Let's call him John Henry Brown."



     Walk on, Boy!


     Walk on down the road.

              Dm                           Gm

     There ain't nobody in this whole wide world

                Dm         A7             Dm

     Gonna help you carry your load.



One day my Pappy gave me

Some advice I'd like to give to you.

"Son, find a good woman, and be good to her,

And she'll always be good to you."


     Walk on, Boy...



Now. I left my Mammy and Pappy

Along about the age of ten.

Got me a job, working on the railroad,

Toting water for the hard-working men.


     Walk on, Boy...



If anyone should ever ask you,

"Just who is this feller Brown?"

You can tell him I'm the boy left his hammer a-smoking,

When I beat that old steam drill down.


     Walk on Boy...