Steel Rails

Artist:  Alison Krauss
Writer:  Louisa Branscomb

Ch: |:  1   1   2-  2- /  4   5   4   1  :|

V:  1   1   2-  2- /  4   5   *1*   1   ← Notice!
    1   1   2-  2- /  4   5   4   1

Ch: Steel rails
    Chasin' sunshine round the bend
    Winding through the trees
    Like a ribbon in the wind
    I don't mind
    Not knowing what lies down the track
    'Cause I'm looking out ahead
    To keep my mind from turning back

V1: It's not the first time
    I've found myself alone at dawn
    If I really had you once
    Then I'd have you when I'm gone
    Whistle blowin'
    Blowin' lonesome in my mind
    Callin' me along
    That never endin' metal line

    --- Chorus ---

V2: The sun is shining
    Through the open boxcar door
    Lying in my mind
    With the things I've known before
    I've lost count
    Of the hours, days and nights
    Just the rhythm of the rails
    Keeps the motion in my mind.

    --- Chorus ---

    'Cause I'm looking out ahead
    To keep my mind from turning back.

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