Remember Me

Artist:  Lulu Belle and Scotty
Writer:  Scott Wiseman
Key:     C#

V/Ch:  1   4   1   1
       5   5   1   1
       1   4   1   1
       5   5   1   1

V1: The sweetest songs belong to lovers in the gloaming
    The sweetest days are the days that used to be
    The saddest words I ever heard were words of parting
    When you said "Sweetheart, remember me."

Ch:    Remember me when the candle lights are gleaming
       Remember me at the close of a long, long day
       It would be so sweet when all alone I'm dreaming
       Just to know you still remember me

V2: You told me once that you were mine alone forever
    And I was yours till the end of eternity
    But all our vows are broken now, and you will never
    Be the same except in memory

       --- Chorus ---

V3: A fairer face will take my place when we're apart, dear
    A sweeter smile, and a love more bold and free
    But in the end, fair weather friends may break your heart, dear
    If they do, sweetheart, remember me

       --- Chorus ---

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