Journey of the Night

Key:    G-A

Two parts, irregular timing:  A:  |:  1   1   6-  5  :|  

B:  |:  6-  6-  6-  5  :|
V.1.: It's a hard time A time of struggles A time of changes I didn't -- expect I'm a simple woman I love my daughter She's too young to know Why her daddy isn't -- here V.2.: Alone at night, I wonder many things I wonder where my husband is; I wonder How long he'll be -- away I wonder if he'll come back I wonder many things In the -- dark V.3.: In the journey of the night I pass through many countries I pass the misty mountains of memory I rest a long time in the land of patience I journey -- on I pass through the gorges of fear I crawl across the vast plain of despair I journey -- on V.4.: I wake in the morning The sun is high; I've overslept I hear a child's voice laughing In the next room The sun is flooding -- in I see my daughter dancing Dancing in the sunlight Dancing with -- delight Copyright © by Barb Diederich