G        C       G

Whenever my soul is lonely,

    C                  G

Whenever I'm feelin' blue;

                            C        G

I start thinkin' 'bout my blue-eyed darlin'

        F            C          G

And my heart starts pinin' for you.






                   C             G

I wanna hear that high lonesome sound,

            C                G

'Cause my sweet baby ain't around;

         C             G

When my life's got me down,

                   F    C        G

I wanna hear that high lonesome sound.



  G                   C         G

When I'm lost in this ocean of darkness,

      C                         G

Not knowin' which way I should turn;

                 C               G

And my eyes are filled with the sadness

     F             C       G

Of knowin' you'll never return




          CHORUS - TWICE




                              Recorded by: Vince Gill