Capo in 3rd fret


     G                        C         G

The winds through the night blowing so lonesome,


Singing to me a song;

      G                     C        G

The whippoorwill's call is just a reminder

                  D               G

Pretty boys have hearts made of stone.



     G                    C              G

The ring that he wears I bought for his finger,


I purchased that ring so fine;

   G                 C         G

I gave him my last green back dollar,

              D         G

And now he's left me behind.





   C                      G

I wake with the blues at dawn,

    C       G       D

My darlin' Cory is gone;

   G                 C            G

I don't know why he told me good-bye,

                D       G

But my darlin' Cory is gone.



  G                   C         G

Drifting alone like brush on a river,


Caring not where I roam;

     G            C            G

I'm going to live in the deep forest,

                  D         G

Dark hollow will be my new home.




          CHORUS - TWICE



                                    Recorded by: The Cluster Pluckers