Christine LeRoy

Writer:  Public Domain
Artist:  Johnson Mountain Boys
Album:   Blue Diamond
Key:     D

No, brother, I'll never grow better
'Tis useless to tell me so now
My broken heart is only awaiting
For a resting place under the snow
    I was thinking last night, dear brother
    How happy our home was with joy
    When a serpent crept into our Eden
    In the form of fair Christine LeRoy

I was thinking last night of our wedding
One year ago only tonight
When we stood 'neath the gaslights so happy
In jewels and garments of white
    When she came with the face of an angel
    To wish us a lifetime of joy
    My heart sank within at the malice
    In the face of fair Christine LeRoy

Diamonds gleamed high in her tresses
Falling back from her ivory brow
And glistened like stars in the heavens
On her fingers as white as the snow
    When she gave her white hand to my husband
    I knew he thought me a toy
    By the side of that radiant beauty
    That beautiful Christine LeRoy

Time passed away and my husband
Grew thoughtless and careworn each day
I knew 'twas the wiles of the demon
Who so artfully lured him away
    When at last one bright evening I found them
    'Twas a sight all my life to destroy
    Hand in hand with her head on his shoulder
    Sat my husband and Christine LeRoy

Now brother, be kind to your darling
For my heart has grown sick now and faint
For the thoughts of the wiles of the demon
In the beautiful form of a saint
    When I sleep 'neath the snowdrifts of winter
    Where no sorrow or pain can destroy
    Just tell them they've murdered me, brother
    God forgive him and Christine LeRoy

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