Uncle Pen (A)

[Bill Monroe]

Oh the people would come from far away
                               V        I
They danced all night till the break of day
When the caller hollered, "Do-se-do,"
                       V        I
You knew Uncle Pen was ready to go

    IV                   I
    Late in the evening about sundown
    A high on the hill above the town
    Uncle Pen played the fiddle, Lord, how it would ring
                                      V       I
    You could hear it talk, you could hear it sing

He played an old piece called "Soldier's Joy"
And the one called "Boston Boy"
The greatest of all was "Jenny Lynn"
To me that's where fiddling begins


I'll never forget that mournful day
When Uncle Pen was called away
They hung up his fiddle, they hung up his bow
They knew it was time for him to go


--->Jenny Lynn