Life Is Like A Mountain Railway (G)

Life is like a mountain railroad
        IV(C)       I(G)
With an engineer so brave
We must make the run successful
         II(A)         V(D7)
From the cradle to the grave
Watch the curves, the fields, the tunnels
      IV(C)       I(G)
Never halt, never quail
Keep you hand upon the throttle
            V(D)      I(G)
And your eye upon the rail

            IV(C)             I(G)
    Blessed Savior there will guide us
    Till we reach that blissful shore
              I(G)           IV(C)
    Where the angels wait to join us
           I(G)      V(D) I(G)
    In thy praise forever more

As you roll across the trestle
Spanning Jordan's swelling tide
You behold the union depot
Into which your train will glide
There you'll meet the superintendent
God the Father, God the Son
With a hearty joyous plaudit
Weary pilgrim, welcome home