If I Lose (G)

  I(G)                            IV(C)
I never thought I'd need you, But now I found I'm wrong
V(D7)                                     I(G)
Come on back sweet mama, Back where you belong
I've gambled over town, Find that I can't win
V(D)                         I(G)
Come on back and pick me up again

             V(D)                     I(G)
    Now if I lose (If I lose), Let me lose (let me lose)
            V(D)                            I(G)
    I don't care (I don't care), How much I lose
    If I lose a hundred dollars, While I'm trying to win a dime
       V(D)                         I(G)
    My baby she's got money all the time

Of all the other gals I know, Now can take your place
Cause when I get into a Jam, They just ain't in their place
So now that you're back dear, Let's make another round
With you never by my side, The deal just can't go down