Blue Ridge Cabin Home (A)

          I(A)                        IV(D)
There's a well beaten path in the old mountainside
        V(E)                  I(A)
Where I wandered when I was a lad
      I(A)                  IV(D)
And I wandered alone to the place I call home
         V(E)                  I(A)
In those Blue Ridge hills far away

         I(A)                       IV(D)
    Oh I love those hills of old Virginia
               V(E)                   I(A)
    From those Blue Ridge hills I did roam
           I(A)                         IV(D)
    When I die won't you bury me on the mountain
         V(E)                            I(A)
    Far away near my Blue Ridge mountain home

Now my thoughts wander back to that ramshackle shack
In those blue ridge hills far away
Where my mother and dad were laid there to rest
They are sleeping in peace together there

I return to that old cabin home with the sigh
I've been longing for days gone by
When I die won't you bury me on that old mountain side
Make my resting place upon the hills so high