Kentucky Cousins


There were diamonds on the ground

They were scattered all around

In eighteen-seventy-two.

Two cousins from Kentucky

Said they sure got lucky

When they found that precious view.


Those Kentucky cousins

Found diamonds by the dozens

Back in eighteen seventy-two.


Then the California fools

Where they brought their jewels

Got fever in their brains.

They each paid a portion

'Til they raised a fortune

And they bought that diamond claim.


Yes, those Kentucky cousins

Had California buzzin'

Back in eighteen seventy-two.


But their tempers hit the roof

When they realized the truth

'Bout their diamond field so grand.

They learned that the cousins

Scattered diamonds by the dozens

On a worthless piece of land.


Yes, those Kentucky cousins

Planted diamonds by the dozens

Back in eighteen seventy-two.


When they looked around the town

In the bars and all around

The cousins weren't in view.

They walked out of the picture

Six hundred thousand richer

Back in eighteen seventy-two.


Yes those cousins from Kentucky

Really did get lucky

Back in eighteen seventy-two






Bluegrass / Western Lyric by Dennis Goodwin - copyright 2007   e-mail: